Writing and Editing, Fixing Words

An editor is a fixer — of broken spelling and grammar, of busted logic and organization, of faulty workflows and processes, of stressed writing and editorial teams, of misaligned vision and execution. From narrow to broad, these are the key writing and editing skills I bring to every project.

  • I’ve been a copy editor and proofreader fixing problems with spelling, grammar, or style. 
  • I’ve been a line editor who fixes problems with voice, language, structure, sourcing, and organization. 
  • I’ve been a developmental editor fixing problems with the conception of the project, its organization, its evolution, sometimes before anything has been written. 
  • I’ve been a production editor wearing many hats: proofreading and copy editing, monitoring production schedules, communicating with authors and designers, approving manuscripts for the printer or the website.
  • I’ve been a managing editor poking at every step of the process, making sure the operation runs smoothly. 

After twenty years of writing and editing, I’ve fixed a lot of words. Tell me about your problem, and let’s figure out how to fix it.

(Oh yeah. If you need something written — I do that, too.)