Jury Duty Survival Kit

I’ve been on jury duty for a week and a day as an alternate juror. Here’re some survival tips.

  • Bring bottled water. And drink it. It’s more valuable in your body than in your canteen.
  • Arrive early. You’ll find a better parking space. More importantly, you’ll be able to park yourself near one of the few available power outlets for your laptop.
  • Bring a book. This is a great opportunity to cull your need-to-read pile. Nook, Kindle, smartphone are also options although you may need to bring along a charger if you’re gonna be here all day.
  • Take the stairs. There’s a lot of sitting around and waiting and the exercise will feel good.
  • Communicate with employers/clients. Everybody understands that you are in limbo and can’t be as productive as usual. Still, keep them updated so they know when you will be returning to the real world. Your absence is tough on them, too.
  • Don’t be surly. It’s an honor and a privilege to serve on a jury and help your community find justice, even as an alternate.