Services & Rates

I read, write, and edit.


I’ve written everything from video game user manuals to East African safari travel catalogs, clickbait listicles to business website copy. I aim for copy that’s clear, with voice and tone suited to context, and with just enough narrative shape and structure to keep readers engaged without stepping on the message.

  • Blog Posts
  • Bylined articles
  • Website copywriting
  • User guides
  • Travel guides and catalogs
  • News releases
  • Social media posts

You’ll find some examples on my portfolio page.


“Editing” is acing the spelling and grammar — and a whole lot more besides. I’ve worked nearly every station on the editorial production line, from pitching story ideas to approving bluelines (or scheduling posts in the CMS).


Proofreading is exacting work, and the stakes are high as there’s nobody behind you to catch your misses. Editing focus is tight on each individual word and line. The goal is to trap every error and correct any remaining deviations from house style.


The view here is a notch up from proofreading. In addition to trapping errors, a copyeditor will also smooth out any rough sentences and make clear anything that isn’t. Fact checking often happens at this stage, although it depends on the workflow.

Line editing

The editor here has a view toward the larger document. Are voice and tone consistent throughout? Are arguments logically sound and well-supported? Are facts and quotes sourced, if they ought to be? Edits can be substantial.

Developmental editing

Developmental editing often begins before anything is written. The editor’s job is to help the writer shape and organize the material and to provide feedback and support once the writing is underway.

Manuscript evaluation

If you have a finished manuscript, but aren’t sure if it’s ready for publication, I can provide an in depth manuscript evaluation. I’ll read your work carefully, leaving comments and queries beside the text as I go, and follow up with detailed commentary about what works, what doesn’t, and where I think the piece should go next.

Editorial Process consultation

I’ve built, managed, and maintained editorial workflows for online and print publishers, for in-house teams and for remote ones. Editorial workflows should reduce stress and drama. They work best when they adhere to a few simple rules. If your workflow is leaving your staff stressed and your content underwhelming, I can help you fix it.


My rates depend on the project — each one is its own beast. Projects with heavy research needs will require additional time. Projects with higher word counts require more time, as well.

Contact me with details about what you need and I’ll give you a firm number. Here’s what you can expect:

Hourly RateWord RatePer 1k Words
Website Copywriting$55.00$0.11$110.00
Most Other Writing$70.00$0.16$160.00
Line Editing$55.00$0.06$55.00
Developmental Editing$65.00$0.09$87.00
Manuscript Evaluation$65.00$0.09$87.00
Editorial Process Consultation$85.00